Tarquin Productions


Tarquin: Glitter and Twisted

"Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together."
Eugene Ionesco

Tarquin is a group of pragmatic, passionate artists who believe that when theatre is truly successful it merges great artistry with evocative subject matter. Tarquin wants to revitalise, renew and energise forgotten classics by authors who have sculpted our artistic heritage but have been consigned to the archives of history, and do it in a contemporary, innovative fashion.

Tarquin enjoys the playing, the discovery, and the higgedly-piggedly route that engenders work to be real, exciting and fun. Tarquin is a company with an enormous array of personal interests, sports, artistic styles and working methods, and draws from computer games, 80s cartoons and South Park as much as Stanislavski, Beckett and Vakhtangov.

Tarquin believe that modern theatre should respect and learn from its history without compartmentalising it within its time, and that to go forward we should develop where we have come from. If work has significant cultural interest, it should be given new life through modern techniques and technological advancement. Tarquin is one of very few young companies developing revivals of classic literature, and is proud to champion authors who had such a deep impact on theatre today.

Tarquin merges strong, visual artistry with truthful performance; an expressionist landscape filled with the darker side of humanity. Tarquin's work is beautiful, meaningful, and certain to send shivers down your spine.


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London, UK