What People Say About Us

“It is the images I shall remember from Benji Sperring’s production: vividly designed by Jacob Hughes…this revival is a fascinating collector’s item”

MICHAEL BILLINGTON, The Guardian, April 2013 (The Blind)

“An adventurous smaller-scale company…[with] an enterprising staging of Rutland Boughton’s The Immortal Hour”

HUGO SHIRLEY, The Spectator, August 2014

“Tarquin Productions allow a unique look at Maeterlinck’s varied treatment of a single motif. This is connoisseur’s theatre at its best, a capsule presentation of work from a playwright who is himself still shrouded in darkness.”

ALICIA LUBA, The Telegraph, April 2013

“A brave and intriguing revival…tantalising”

RUPERT CHRISTIANSEN, The Telegraph, August 2014

“It’s no easy thing to mount a musical on a shoestring – and thanks to a downstairs refurbishment, London’s Finborough is something of a no-man’s-land at the moment. Yet arriving at the ideal juncture of the Great War commemorations, Benji Sperring’s premiere puts the case commendably well for an old-fashioned show that’s hugely nostalgic even by Novello’s standards.”

DOMINIC CAVENDISH, The Telegraph, January 2014 (Valley of Song)

“Three cheers for the Finborough Theatre for bringing us Valley of Song, a charming piece of Welsh whimsy…if there is any justice in the world this deftly directed and magnificently performed production should be snapped up by theatres far and wide.”

CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE, January 2014 (Valley of Song)

“Tarquin Productions valiantly breath life into these two depersonalised and gruelling one-act plays…"

HONOUR BAYES, The Stage, April 2013 (The Blind)

""★★★★★ When you do stumble across a gem of a production – such as Tarquin Productions' double-header of The Blind and The Intruder, it makes it all the more special…If you’re willing to put the work in, because Tarquin Productions certainly have, you’ll be rewarded with some interesting and surprisingly refreshing theatre.”

VIEWS FROM THE GODS, April 2013 (The Blind)

“This is why we must thank director Benji Sperring…for bringing life to this otherwise forgotten musical. It’s not every day you get to experience the professional premiere of a show from someone of Novello’s reputation and calibre.”

MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW, January 2014 (Valley of Song)

"Tarquin Productions aim is to bring forgotten classics back to the London stage with all of the contemporary influences and capabilities of the modern theatre. This production is edgy and the stage design is exceptional…"

MELISSA PALLESCHI, Hackney Hive, April 2013 (The Blind)