Other Shows

The Monk by Matthew Lewis, adapted by Benji Sperring
Directed by Benji Sperring
Produced by Laura Blackwell
Designed by Jacob Hughes
Lighting by Adam Burns
Sound by Benji Sperring
Costumes by Xylona Appleton
Cast includes Francisco Ortiz, Sadie Tonks, Judy Tcherniak, Kate Sandison, Angela Bull, Sam Marriot, Will de Renzy Martin, Victoria Croft, Thomas Judd.

Performed at the Barons Court Theatre, October 2012

Recommended by The Guardian’s Lyn Gardner and The Londonist as “one to watch”.

Set within the confines of the Church of the Capuchins in Madrid at the turn of the 19th Century, The Monk follows Ambrosio, the most pious man in the city, as he falls from grace and begins to crave the sins of a life he has avoided. Tempted by demons and the devil, Ambrosio descends to a life of deceit, villainy and murder before making the ultimate sacrifice for unbridled satisfaction – until he realises the devil really is in the details.

“Tonks moves from desperate to wicked with ease and feels truly menacing as she pushes Ambrosio further into the abyss. She is mesmerizing to watch from the moment she first appears and all you see is a wicked grin as she passes through the room.” – lastminutetheatreuk

“visually intriguing and, in our secular age, somehow repellent, a perfect mix of piety and morbidity…gripping, complemented by an atmospheric set and fantastic costume…despite its gruesome subject matter it made me want to turn to the original text, while it provided plenty to discuss on the tube home” – Remotegoat.com

The Bald Prima Donna – Eugene Ionesco
A reimagining of Eugene Ionesco’s “The Bald Prima Donna” to an Apocalypse Before Christmas. Locked in a bunker, six people live out eternity with nothing more than tinsel, costumes and George Michael tapes. Performed at the Old Red Lion Theatre in December 2013.

“There is spectacle, ridiculousness and an underlying horror and darkness which never really erupts until near the very end. The acting throughout is well over the top and well fantastic. Directed by Benji Sperring (he is clearly completely insane).”

          • – Aline Waits, RemoteGoat.